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Welcome to Mario's Towing & Transport

Family-owned and operated, reliable and professional, we take our customer service seriously. Our best resource is our qualified and trained staff, and we continuously strive to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of our customers.

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No matter how big, how many, or how quickly you need vehicles or heavy equipment transported, Mario’s can handle the job. And with our network of carriers, we can transport just about anything, anywhere. Book Now.


Local towing

Local towing reflects community towing and services. Whether it be your personal vehicle with a fuel pump failure that requires a tow to a local mechanic shop, a battery boost on a cold night, or unlocking your vehicle so you can get your keys from the back seat and continue on with your day, Mario's Towing provides fast, reliable and affordable service. Our local work is very important to our success and we appreciate every call our community partners make to us.


Municipal Towing/RCMP Towing

Mario's Towing offers efficient, professional and accountable service. Camera controlled compounds, 24 hour compound staff, 24 hour (internal) dispatch, extensive inventory systems, and state of the art equipment allows this area of specialty to excel.


Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

Mario's Towing Ltd prides itself on being able to tow or recover any size of vehicle. Numerous pieces of equipment along with the only Rotator Tow Truck within Mario's Towing operating boundaries help separate Mario's from its competitors. This area of specialty focuses on recoveries that focus on cargo recovery, maintaining casualty value, and environmental consideration. Fleet companies also are invited to set up accounts to maximize volume discount offerings for towing services.


Long Distance Transport/Vehicle Relocation

if you require transport within B.C. and Alberta, Mario's Transport Services should be your first choice. Dealership transfers, salvage transport, auction purchases, and city to city relocation are all areas Mario's staff can provide you solutions. Competitive pricing, ACCURATE timelines, and immediate response to requests, allow you to provide your clients immediate answers.



Are Mario's Towing' employees trained or licensed?

Yes. Mario's Towing employees are trained through a certification group named Wreckmaster. www.wreckmaster.com

Mario's Towing Ltd also hosts the Wreckmaster training program yearly where over 50+ participants from all over B.C. and Alberta are trained and certified.

Who is towing your vehicle?

The Mario's Towing Ltd. gentleman towing your vehicle is trained and licensed towing professionals. These operators undergo annual criminal record checks by the RCMP and once approved are then permitted to tow your vehicle. These individuals all live within the community and many have families who are also active members as well.


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Mario's Vehicles for Single Parents in Need program
Mario's sponsors competition car racing in the Okanagan circuit to support breast cancer treatment
Cars for Dinners program
Dispatch: 1.888.292.1581 - 3015 Sexsmith Road, Kelowna BC
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