Heavy Duty Towing

We are proud to offer the largest Heavy Duty Towing fleet in the province - hauling services for tractor-trailers, crane trucks, cube vans, waste disposal units and buses are available through each of our locations.

Heavy Duty Recovery

Boasting more than 10 Heavy Duty Towing Wreckers in our fleet, we can perform any recovery and pride ourselves on being industry leaders in this area.

Cargo Recovery and Transfer

We know your cargo is precious - our diverse set of equipment means we can recover cargo and perform load transfers on scene.

Heavy Rotator Recovery

Our 2015 Peterbilt 80 Ton NRC 5 axle rotator is the largest unit in Western Canada, plus we have two more! No one else offers more options to attend to single-lane recoveries, accident scenes or any other difficult situation you might find yourself in.